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    NS 72-521 VT2PRIB

    *NEW* RM 72, RIB, Early maturity, very good vigour and test weight, 12-14 kernal rows, Medium Height, Excellent yield for maturity

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    RM 76, RIB, High Yield, Excellent stalk & root strength, Excellent seedling vigour. Semi flex ear, 14-16 kernal rows, strong Goss’s rating

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    RM 76, RIB, Excellent seedling vigour, High Yield, Good test weight & drydown. Semi flex ear, 14-16 kernal rows, strong Goss’s rating

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    RM 73, RIB, Excellent seedling vigour, early maturity, high test weight, Semi fixed ear, 12-14 kernal rows

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    RM 72, RIB, Early season vigour, Strong agronomics, Very good drydown.

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    RM 74, RIB, Excellent root & stalk strength, Good test weight.

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    RM 79, RIB, Excellent test weight, good drydown, medium plant height, Semi flex ear, 16 kernal rows


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    CWRS, FHB resistance: MR, High yielding semi-dwarf, Strong protein & sprouting rating.

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    CNHR, FHB resistance: I, Top Yielder, Average protein & agronomics.

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    AAC Elie

    CWRS, FHB resistance: I, Strong straw, High yielding, Strong protein & disease package.

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    SY Rowyn

    CPSR, short straw, good disease package, high yielder, good protein

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    AAC Brandon

    CWRS, FHB resistance: MR, Very good lodging & yield, Good protein & agronomics.

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    AAC Penhold

    CPSR, FHB resistance: MR, Short strong straw, Excellent Yield, Strong agronomic package.

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    Elgin ND

    CNHR, Good yield & protein, NEW!

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    AAC Viewfield

    *NEW* CWRS, short strong straw, excellent protein, strong yield

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    SY Slate

    CWRS, excellent protein, high yield


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    NSC Riverside RR2X

    *NEW* RM 00.7, 2475 CHU, Xtend variety

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    NSC Gladstone RR2Y

    2375 CHU, Early maturing, Strong yield, Tall bushy plant, solid seed or plant up to 22” rows.

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    NSC Starbuck RR2X

    2425 CHU, Round-up Ready Xtend, SCN, Strong IDC rating, High Yield, medium bushy plant.

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    NSC Richer RR2Y

    2475 CHU, Tall bushy plant, Top yielder, fits 20”-30” rows, Superior IDC, Excellent variety for Red River Valley.

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    NSC Arnaud RR2Y

    2500 CHU, Late season, tall bushy plant, Excellent yield potential.

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    NSC Jordan RR2Y

    *NEW* RM 00.9, 2525 CHU, high yield, full season


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    AC Summit

    White, High yielding, Excellent test weight, strong straw and disease package

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    White, Good yield & test weight, Good agronomics.

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    CS Camden

    White, high yielder, very good lodging


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    Yellow, High yielding, Good standability & agronomics.

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    Yellow, high yielding, good lodging


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    2 row feed, strong yield and test weight, very good disease package and short strong straw

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    AAC Synergy

    2 row malt, Top yielder, short straw, good lodging

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